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Zodiac Facts [Scorpio]

#Scorpio‘s are very curious; always add a “how” and “why” When telling them a story/@ZodiacFacts

#Scorpio will attract, touch & affect you deeply ♥/@LoveScopes

#Scorpio Spiritual Goal: To learn to use talents to guide others

#Scorpio Negative Traits: Jealousy, Resentful, Compulsive, Obsessive, Secretive, Obstinate, Stubborn, Manipulative, Vindictive

#Scorpio Scorpio Positive Traits: Determined, Persistent, Resourceful, Powerful, Intuitive, Passionate, Emotional, Exciting, Magnetic

#Scorpio Never assume #Scorpio operates on same level as everyone else~They don’t & they have their own shell they hide in ♥

#Scorpio has a captivating sensuality~Few can resist the power of their magnetic personality #lovescopes#zodiacfacts/@LoveScopes

•Wisdom is a powerful quality associated with a#Scorpio./@ZodiacFacts


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