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Zodiac Facts: Scorpio

Treat a Scorpio w/the respect that is deserved & expected by a Scorpio & you’ll have a devoted friend & or lover for life.

As a Scorpio you reveal what people need to know in an open manner so that your relationships can flow more smoothly.

Scorpios are complex people.

Scorpios hold grudges.

Scorpios take their love seriously ~ They’re truly a creature of their passions ♥

At times a Scorpio needs to stop & look at the past in order to understand how they’re feeling ♥

A Scorpio will find it the hardest to share his/her problems and sorrows with anyone.

Water signs are emotional! Includes Pisces, Cancer, and us – Scorpios 🙂

Takes time for Scorpio to commit~Once feel u’re in their soul~They’ll do anything to protect & preserve ur bond ♥

Scorpio Spiritual Goal: To learn to use talents to guide others.

Scorpio Negative Traits: Jealousy, Resentful, Compulsive, Obsessive, Secretive, Obstinate, Stubborn, Manipulative, Vindictive.

Scorpio Positive Traits: Determined, Persistent, Resourceful, Powerful, Intuitive, Passionate, Emotional, Exciting, Magnetic.

Never assume Scorpio operates on same level as everyone else~They don’t & they have their own shell they hide in ♥

Scorpio have powerful emotions that they don’t give lightly ~ Either in love or in friendship ♥

Scorpios has a captivating sensuality~Few can resist the power of their magnetic personality.


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