My Life, My Thoughts!

Sounds rude but fags are immature & so are some lesbos.

Call it what you want but its true. They don’t know how to act or respect people’s feelings because they are still stuck in a  child’s mind. “We’re having flashbacks about high school & if you mad about it you can’t do nothing or but blame yourself”. That’s okay if your laughing about funny stuff but bringing up when someone was bullied & when then laugh about it is just immature.

Not only is that immature but it shows who you are as a person. You’re just as wrong as the bully for laughing at the person being attacked. How can you blame yourself for being bullied when the times you do say something to them they just act 10x worst.

Apparently people need some growing up to do & it’s many of them still with the high school mentality whom is 20 & 21.


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