My Life, My Thoughts!

My Poem for class

Justin Blackshear

Professor Mendoza

Philosophy 100/123

December 1, 2011

Class Presentation: Poem




The High I’m Still Reaching



Walking in at the end of summer vacation, loathing it and wanting the end to come

It’s now December and it’s almost time for fun.

Getting back to the original schedule with learning books and all, waking up in the morning wishing I could miss this call.

Like the sun and the moon I’m up and then down

Then I’m like the earth with struggles all around.

In a box with other individuals that’s the all the same as me

Counting the hours waiting to leave.

Hearing different opinions and seeing no one being judged

It’s like a broken car, trying to give a budge.

The objectives come in and I feel like I’ll fail

Like using air to scoop sand into a pail.

Speaking about god, the past and having flashbacks

Sometimes this class mad me want to run back.

Philosophy is something that makes you really think

Like water running from a faucet into a sink.

I learned that everyone’s morals might seem the same

But not everyone’s morals play the same game.

Doing bad and then you go to church to repent

All that sums up and not even leave a dent.

What I take away from this experience is growth

Like at celebration we toast.

I toast to the fact I’m on a plank but I won’t jump off

I’ll keep pushing I give my last cough.

I have new pages to add to my book

Every new page from this class will be added to look.

Fun, hard and tiring are the emotions I had here,

Also the different personalities I wouldn’t ever tear.

The time has come to say good-bye but it’s only life,

Memories are forever and won’t cut like a knife.



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