My Life, My Thoughts!

Some random REAL tweets I was chirping about earlier

• Nobody appreciates good music anymore.

• No one appreciates anything anymore

• Anytime someone is nice to them they think they want something.

• people so stuck up.

• & then hey think cause you wanna engage in conversation they think you want them or like them.

• The people who are so nice & genuinely good always get torn down or depicted to be something they aren’t.

• why can’t nobody just wanna be nice anymore without someone thinking they being weird.

• I mean I’m a nice person & I like to help & be nice to people just because my character, i don’t expect nothing in return.

• I don’t like receiving things anyway, I just prefer to give.

• I hate to feel like I’m being taking advantage of or someone to think I’m taking advantage of them.

• That’s the worst ever. I couldn’t find it in my heart to ever use someone for my own personal reasons. that’s just mean.

• I can be deep when i wan an be but i prefer not to, not everyone deserves to here my thoughts cause i think they don’t care.

• I may have never engaged in those “talks” people “suppose” to have with their mom but i know my rights from wrong.

• i got my elementary, middle & high school diploma with my mother not breathing down my neck. she let me be the free spirit i am.

• I know she trusts me enough to let me make my own decisions without her doubting me, i am her only son anyway.

• I often wonder who’s watching me & what they’re opinions of me are, just curious.

• Without this cat I’d be one bored dude in this house because I don’t do nothing but sit in the corner of my room & stay on my computer.

• I use to care so much about what people though about anything i did or wore but I got older & threw that book way

• I’m the same way in person as I I am on here,  I’m a little shy probably but if we talk a lot i won’t.


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