My Life, My Thoughts!


My Birthday & Halloween were a flop

Thank to that little hurricane that decide to breeze through. Forced inside for about 2 days, ehh i don’t mind just wasn’t apart of my plans.


the gheys in the comment sections

That’s all you’ll basically see on any blog now a days. Arguing, ranting, bashing, supporting their favorite artist & talking about something or someone that has nothingggggg to do with the topic of discussion. Man idk, sometimes the comments be funny but majority time it’s just stupid to me but hey. 

Man….shitload of stuff happened.

I’ve fallin off O_O it sucks

I got me a J O B, finally!

it’s been a long time coming & after all my hard grinding i finally got one. I’m nervous though :S I don’t wanna mess up, i got plans to put into place.

They look & sound just like the Basketball Bitches 

I felt like I was in church & almost rose my hand & swayed!

It’s so, beautiful 😥

It’s like my life is on a train & I missed it; yikes.

My days have been speeding by like nothing wether I’m having fun or not. Every time i reminisce it’s always about 2008, as if every thing i did that year was yesterday.

I don’t want the summer to end (As if i ever do), i don’t wanna go back to wearing jackets :(((

I need to do somethings that’ll make my days seem slower. Stupid seasons.