My Life, My Thoughts!


So for the past 2 days i’ve ignored the world :| no calls nor texts no social sites

i needed to evaluate my little life & see what’s wrong with it. ehh, i neeeedsss a job. I hope these online apps i’ve been doing helps. I don’t wanna feel like i wasted my time. i hope i haven’t worried anyone.


Late but still great. Rihanna’s Grammy Awards performance Nshit (download available)

Video Download :

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Yes Beyoncé ‘End of TIme’ from Revel

All I gotta say is I’m…

So school ends this week, wednesday. I hate college.

I can’t wait to sell these damn books back for some money, they doing nothing but collecting dust now & making more clutter. I wanna rip these notebooks up NOWWWWW!!!!!

This semester was cool though, went by pretty quick.  


The Greatest Chris Brown song ever!!!



Photo shoot in the middle of Manhattan

Photo shoot in the middle of Manhattan

whelp, I did my 1st shoot today with my friend Teeejayyyy & it was fun. I felt all skilled Nshit, the pictures came out good too. Central Park is nice to take pics. It smelled like horse ass though but yeah good shit.

Beyoncé – Birthday Cake