My Life, My Thoughts!


It’s like my life is on a train & I missed it; yikes.

My days have been speeding by like nothing wether I’m having fun or not. Every time i reminisce it’s always about 2008, as if every thing i did that year was yesterday.

I don’t want the summer to end (As if i ever do), i don’t wanna go back to wearing jackets :(((

I need to do somethings that’ll make my days seem slower. Stupid seasons.


I may have not gotten drunk but i do feel like i’m gonna have a hang over…

I went out with my fraaans to see the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ right & before then we went to the bar & got drinks so after that we went to the movie, came out & got more drinks. Walked up 23rd st to McDonalds laughing & carrying on, falling to the floor Nshit. Now I’m home feeling like crap. I got a migraine.

I wanna sleep for like ever.

Le Fantasia & Frank Ocean – Overload

One day i was bored & noticed they both had versions of this song so i decided to combine ’em both. Enjoy.

It’s something about the summertime that makes me feel more free than any other season

I never really liked winter aside from the snow & christmas season but other than that i hate it cause i have to wear layers upon layers & everyone knows i hate clothes.

Spring is just basic pre-summer weather where i still have to wear a jacket, i hate jackets. Spring doesn’t have any cool holidays either. It sucks.

Fall is only cool for my birthday, Halloween & Thanksgiving. They actually matter. I never liked September because that always ment it’s time to go back to school.

Summer is just AWESOME, i mean i can wear less clothing, and go out more. You ain’t gotta worry about anything but the sun beaming down on your ass. Most my fun memories are from this season. So yeah, summer >

So for the past 2 days i’ve ignored the world :| no calls nor texts no social sites

i needed to evaluate my little life & see what’s wrong with it. ehh, i neeeedsss a job. I hope these online apps i’ve been doing helps. I don’t wanna feel like i wasted my time. i hope i haven’t worried anyone.

I’ve sucked at blogging these last few months but yeah, i’ll fix that

I kinda did forget i had this, thank god i didn’t but a domain, would’ve been a waste of money. But yeah i’ll start tryna blog daily again.